Positive change, Positive mind

B7rk.com  we believe in the power of people to make meaningful change. Our mission is to be a leader in building a diverse, inclusive team and culture.  

We are proud to belong to an industry that has been so powerfully shaped and enriched by design principles, production methods and technological innovations from an extraordinary breadth of nations and cultures.

This openness of mind and approach brings with it an energy and creative restlessness. They are characteristics we must cherish and protect.

While the fashion sector continues to flourish, it has not been immune to the pervasive effects of systemic inequality. Access to opportunity remains uneven and unequal.

We believe we have a clear responsibility to help address this critical issue by contributing positively to effective and permanent change. So, we have committed to using our international presence, brand partnerships, and worldwide audience of nine million people to help confront systemic inequality – and play our part in a more inclusive and equitable future for our industry.

Building an inclusive world

There is work for us to do. And we recognize that change must be built on strong and meaningful foundations, and driven from the top.

In November 2020, as a Group, we created a Responsible Marketing Policy encompassing Diversity and Inclusion, and challenged ourselves to better reflect these principles across our platforms. This was supported by a review of casting and network of collaborators at b7rk.com, showing that 30% of the single-person images on our

social media channels over the previous 12 months featured Black models, reflecting the diverse global community we serve.

We take pride in offering our audiences rich and varied content across our channels to inspire, educate and challenge thinking. This includes shoots featuring models from diverse backgrounds, personal essays and videos that highlight and celebrate the work of BIPOC designers, brand founders, photographers, artists, musicians, and activists. Our Incredible Women franchise, including our podcast series, highlights diverse women’s voices and stories from around the world, and has featured notable women such as Yara Shahidi, Meena Harris, Aranya Johar, Elizabeth Nyamayaro and Lisa Joy